The Ultimate Guide to Health

8 Dimensions of Wellness | Wondrous Wellness

In a world that’s moving ever faster, it’s exhausting to keep up with the never ending to-do list, find time to work out, make date night happen, and do some of those little things you enjoy like reading, having a real conversation with a girlfriend, or just meditating without your brain going in a million different directions. And oh yeah, getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night somewhere in there, too.

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness is a framework to help you think through all the aspects of your life that you need working well to be a happy, healthy individual. Basically, wellness is a helluva lot more than dieting & exercising. Here’s a quick rundown of the 8 categories:

  1. Emotional: We all come with baggage. Learn to love yourself, build healthy relationships & cope with curveballs and the everyday stressors. 
  2. Environmental: Whether you're trying to re-energize or wind down, your space affects your attitude - the temperature, your surroundings & even the paint color on the walls. 
  3. Financial: We all stress about money. How can we make decisions that support not only our current financial desires, but also our future goals? 
  4. Intellectual: Be a life long student - explore your talents, sharpen your skills, and continue to be curious. After all, Albert Einstein says when you stop learning, you start dying (and if you haven't picked up on it yet, we're trying to avoid dying here).  
  5. Occupational: How to find meaning and fulfillment in your daily work whether you have your dream job or you're taking steps to get there. 
  6.  Physical: Our bodies are amazing machines. How well we take care of them determines our quality of life. Fueling them, resting them, and protecting them - all of this is vital to our overall health. 
  7. Social: Your social network is more than just your Instagram follower count. It runs deeper than that. Show up when they need it, and accept help when you need it. Take care of each other. 
  8. Spiritual: Whatever your beliefs, most of us feel like we have a purpose bigger than ourselves. Connect your mind, body, spirit, and whatever else may be out there. 

Our hope with this blog is that we can explore new ideas and routines to help us work on each of these categories in our own lives, and hopefully you’ll find some tips that work for you, too. We hope you’ll join us in this journey as we explore the 8 Dimension of Wellness and the wondrous affects they can have on our lives.