Achieve Your 2017 Goals

Take a moment to reflect on your 2017 expectations vs. reality. Did you lose the drive to accomplish your goals? It isn't unusual; 80% of people fail to follow through with their New Year’s resolutions. The good news is there's time to recommit and kick 2017’s ass. Follow these three steps to continue on your journey to your best self.


Stop punishing yourself. On January 1st, I bet you were excited about the possibilities of 2017. Try to get back to that positive state of mind. 


Chances are you shot for the stars when creating your resolution, but frankly perfection is not sustainable. Think about your successes and challenges. How can you modify your goals to make them more realistic?

Get excited

Get excited about your new habits and goals. Here are some ideas:

  • Made a resolution to get better sleep?  Establish a pamper bedtime routine, drink your favorite sleepy time tea or diffuse essential oils to help you relax

  • Is this the year you're going to get in shape? Explore a new running trail, buy a new water bottle, browse social media for #fitspiration

  • Was your goal to journal more? - Buy a new notebook, search the web for journaling prompts or take a calligraphy class to brighten up your pages