The Ultimate Red Rocks Workout Guide

If you're looking for the ultimate Colorado workout, Red Rocks is the place to go. The outdoor, adult playground has options for everyone. Check out my ultimate workout guide below!

Wondrous Wellness | Red Rocks | Morrison, CO

Plan Ahead

Red Rocks holds many concerts and events during the summer and early fall. On event days, you can expect the venue to close around 2pm. Make sure you check the event schedule before making the 30 minute drive from Denver! 

Sign Up for a Fitness Class

The 8-week Red Rocks Fitness Challenge has always been a hit for fitness enthusiasts, but hearts will be broken this summer as it will not return. Don't worry though; Fitness on the Rocks will be held on July 22, 2017 to help you break a sweat. Attending Yoga on the Rocks is also a great way to get in a workout while enjoying Colorado's scenery.   

Test Your Endurance on the Stairs

With 69 rows, this is not your average high school stadium workout.  Depending on the day, I like to sprint up the stairs, run across the rows, or hang out on a bench and do arm and core exercises. I've seen some brave souls climb the planter boxes (I'll get there one day). 

Cool Down on the Trails

Red Rocks Park features three unique trails. My favorite is The Trading Post Trail; it's an easy, 1.4 mile loop that passes through rock formations and a breathtaking meadow. If you're looking for something more challenging The Red Rocks Trail or The Geologic Overview Trail might be for you.

Refuel at D Deli

Lunch at D Deli is half the reason I venture out to Red Rocks. Located in downtown Golden, it's by far the best sandwich shop in town (probably even Colorado).  My boyfriend likes to try out their specialty bites, but I'm an old-fashioned turkey sandwich type of girl.