How Clutter Affects Your Mental Health + Closet Organization

Clutter and Mental Health

How do you feel when your space is clean verses unorganized? There's a huge difference in your mental state. Simply put, clutter hijacks your brain. A messy environment overloads your senses making it difficult to concentrate on a single task. Clutter limits productivity and creativity, and may create feelings of guilt and anxiety. 

Organizing your house, car and office can take hours! My advice is to start small - choose a room, closet or cabinet. You might start with your bedroom closet since it's the first space you use in the morning. Best to start the day with a clear and positive headspace, right?!

Closet Organization Tips

Color Code Clothes

Color coding your closet will make it easy to find your favorite pieces and will add visual appeal to your space.

First: Organize by category - pants, shirts, dresses and outerwear.
Take it one step further:  Organize by type. For instance,  within the shirt category, place the tank tops on the left, short sleeves in the middle and long sleeves on right.
Color code: The last step is to color code within each category. Place the lightest pieces on the left and the darkest pieces on the right. 

Closet Organization | Wondrous Wellness

Store Items in Bins and Baskets

Baskets are a perfect way to add some style into your closet!

Small container: Stow winter accessories and swim suits
Medium container: Hide away folded t-shirts and workout clothes
Large container: Store shoes and seasonal clothing

Closet Organization | Wondrous Wellness
Closet Organization | Wondrous Wellness

Add a Coat Hook

How often do you walk in the door and drop everything on the coach? Instead, add a coat hook in your closet and use it as a catch-all for purses, scarves and jackets. 

Closet Organization | Wondrous Wellness