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Wellness Around the Web | Wondrous Wellness

As you've probably noticed by now, this blog is centered around the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, a framework to help you think through all the aspects of your life that need to be working well to be a happy, healthy individual. In this new series, "Wellness Around the Web," I'll be sharing links to things that give me ideas and inspiration to work on each of these dimensions in my everyday life. 

Inspiring Wellness Links

Here is what I'm loving, reading, watching and listening to recently...

  1. Emotional Wellness | Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness' Affirmations for Everyday Life by Harper's Bazaar
  2. Environmental Wellness | How to Read a Plant by Homestead Brooklyn
  3. Financial Wellness | Money Talks, So Should You by Create and Cultivate
  4. Intellectual Wellness Your Voice Is Your Weapon - Here is How to Use It to Take Advantage by Collective Hub
  5. Occupational Wellness | Navigating Being a Girl Boss in a Man's World by Goal Digger Podcast
  6. Physical Wellness | 16 Trader Joe's Secrets That Will Change the Way You Shop by Domino
  7. Social Wellness | 36 Simple Ways You Can Be a Better Neighbor by Apartment Therapy
  8. Spiritual Wellness l How to Flip Your Bar Cart Into a Wellness Cart by Well Good

What's inspiring you lately?

Stay Well,