July 2018 Wellness Challenge

July 2018 Wellness Challenge

Happy summer, everyone!

At Wondrous Wellness, we like to say that wellness is a helluva lot more than dieting and exercising! We take a more comprehensive approach to health and wellness by referencing the 8 Dimensions of Wellness.  It's a framework to think through all the aspects of life that need to be working well to be a happy, healthy individual.  The 8 dimensions include: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual wellness.

 We know that everyone could improve one or more areas of their lives. That's why we created the July 2018 Wellness Challenge.

Wellness Challenge 2018 | Wondrous Wellness

The July 2018 Wellness Challenge

For 31 days, we recommend an activity to help you work on a specific dimension of wellness. One day, we'll ask you to support your financial goals by transferring $25 into your savings accounts. On another day, we'll encourage you to take steps to land your dream job by updating your resume. The challenge is easy! Just follow along, push yourself, and get well. 

Day 1: Forgive someone
Day 2: Wash your car
Day 3: Put $25 into savings
Day 4:  Create a summer playlist
Day 5: List your career achievements
Day 6: Schedule a dentist appointment
Day 7: Stand up for someone
Day 8: Say a prayer
Day 9: Find something to look forward to
Day 10: Spend time in nature
Day 11: Bring your lunch to work
Day 12: Apply for a library card
Day 13: Update your resume
Day 14: Eat veggies with every meal
Day 15: Call your best friend
Day 16: Read your horoscope
Day 17: Find an empowering quote
Day 18: Add fresh flowers to your home
Day 19: Sell an unwanted item
Day 20: Listen to a Ted Talk
Day 21: Find a mentor
Day 22: Try a new workout class
Day 23: Introduce yourself to a neighbor
Day 24: Take time to meditate
Day 25: Accept a compliment
Day 26: Clean out your email inbox
Day 27: Cash in loose change
Day 28: Try a new recipe
Day 29: Plan your work week
Day 30: Go to bed one hour earlier
Day 31: Do someone a favor

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