The Ladies Behind Wondrous Wellness

Kaleigh Becker | Wondrous Wellness

Kaleigh Becker

Kaleigh was born in Florida and believes in the healing powers of the salt and the sand. She’s a proud Florida State Seminole who makes it back to the beach as often as she can. She has always been interested in the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle and earned her Masters in Public Health at the University of Colorado in order to help others achieve wellness in their daily lives. After graduate school, she started working in the substance use prevention/positive youth development field. She is always researching the latest trends in wellness, which is how Wondrous Wellness was born. She developed the site to share what she’s learned with others who are looking to implement changes to live a balanced life. She just moved back to Austin, TX where they enjoy checking out live music, swimming holes, & hip new restaurants.   

Courtney Becker | Wondrous Wellness

Courtney Becker

Courtney is a native Texan who attended UT for undergrad and fell in love with this “weird” town of Austin. After earning her Masters of Public Affairs from the LBJ School at UT, she began working for a local nonprofit, but never gave up on her dream of writing. Courtney is passionate about community building and believes that healthy communities breed healthy individuals. She can be a bit of a news junkie and loves to read. She also enjoys red wine and got into weight-lifting this past year – both of which she will tout as having qualities beneficial for overall wellness. Her husband, Bradley (who also happens to be Kaleigh’s brother), is her biggest supporter and encourager of her passion projects like Wondrous Wellness.


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With both ladies working the #nonprofitlife in Austin, it quickly became apparent how hard it is to keep a division between work and personal life and to make time for your passion projects.  After years of discussing wellness tips & tricks together and saying “we need to start a business,” it finally hit us that we should team up on the Wondrous Wellness blog to explore the 8 Dimensions of Wellness.